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Consumer Identity Resolution is at the Core of AdVantage

Quaero highlights new tools, technologies to help boost big data initiatives.

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Data Helps ESPN Customize Ads for Sports Fans

See what new advertising product this sports media giant is rolling out

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ESPN Is Measuring How Many People Tune...Everywhere

ESPN is working on a total audience measurement amid losses.

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ESPN Introduces LiveConnect

Getting the message to the right person, at the right time.

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What We Do

1. Data Curation

Data is on boarded from diverse sources (if you’ve got it, we can bring it in!). It is then cleansed, curated, and linked across visits, sites, channels & devices and mapped to unique individuals in a unified data structure accessible for analysis, reporting and execution/operations.

AdVantage utilizes a proprietary, patent pending, weighted, multipart matching algorithm executed across cookie, device graph, IP, geography, and engagement history data elements to generate a flexible and extensible user profile. Profiles are maintained and available for analysis and execution for sales, marketing and operations.

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2. Advanced Analytics

AdVantage incorporates sophisticated built-in analytics and predictive models and interactive dashboards, while also offering the flexibility to integrate with today’s most popular packages like Tableau, R, SAS, Python and Spark. Data scientists and analysts/modelers are expensive and scarce resources. AdVantage’s open architecture enables these valuable employees to access clean data that is organized for them and greatly enhances their productivity and satisfaction.


3. Acquire, Engage and Monetize your Consumers

AdVantage provides you the insight and tools to execute against defined marketing, sales, editorial and operational objectives. Targeted campaigns incorporating personalized messages, premium ad packages, and revenue & inventory optimization programs are made actionable through the platform. We help you get more value and ROI out of your existing ad tech assets including DMPs.

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4. Cloud Hosted Solution

Available on the cloud, AdVantage provides complete and fully transparent access to and control of your data with built in navigation, reporting, visualization and analytics tools. Complex data ingestion, lineage mapping, analytic asset development and execution tasks are in a single platform managed with a simple, powerful interface.


Quaero Solutions

The AdVantage solution is built to handle the volume, scale and breadth of digital data that most companies find overwhelming. It also handles off-line data with equal ease. Supported by an experienced client team, Quaero helps deliver competitive advantage by maximizing the use of your data assets.

See how AdVantage can help you provide impactful and executable consumer intelligence to maximize return on investment.

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Data Helps ESPN Customize Ads for Sports Fans

"Sports media giant ESPN is rolling out a new advertising product that allows marketers to deliver banner ads tailored to the interests of sports fans by using data the company has collected on visitors to its website." - The Wall Street Journal

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Mobile Marketer: Programmatic: The stock market of digital advertising

Programmatic has completely changed the way that online ad buying works. Many businesses are quickly converting to this new method of buying and selling ad space. Yet, some are left wondering, what is it about this fairly new concept that is taking the digital advertising world by storm?

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What's Really Going on With Programmatic Ad Data

Programmatic is a relatively new and fast-moving territory for advertisers and publishers alike, but what's really going on with the ad data? Learn more in this Chief Marketer article.

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Websites Are Wary of Facebook Tracking Software

Fearing the growing clout of Facebook, some publishers and retailers are reprogramming their websites to send less data back to the social network about who visits their sites.

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Seven Ways to Get Ready for the Big Data of the Future

Data science is in the midst of transformation, with Big Data technologies starting to significantly encroach on the market share of traditional RDBMSs. That said, the RDBMS slice of the data market is still 76%, and firms that have yet to embrace Big Data still have ample opportunity to get on the bandwagon.

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Best Places to Work

2014 Charlotte Business Journal

Quaero was named to the 2014 Charlotte Business Journal's Best Places to Work! Read the release to learn more.

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