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Comprehensive Audience Engagement: What, Where, Why and When

By Naras Eechambadi, PhD

Audience intelligence Engagement Monetization

Screen Wars – room for friendly debate?

By Naras Eechambadi, PhD

Mobile Cross-device Big data Digital

Pay Attention to Your Super Consumers…It's Best for Your Brand

Marketing Data management

Your data may never sleep, but you still can.

By Naras Eechambadi, PhD

Big data Cmo Data management

Don't Abandon Registration

Registration Email Marketing

Automate Your Marketing Process, Not Your Customer Relationships: Part 2

Marketing automation Personalization

Automate Your Marketing Process, Not Your Customer Relationships: Part 1

Marketing automation Email

The Kimball Subsystems of ETL Still Relevant Today

Big data Adobe

Predictive Analytics & Speed Dating: Unlikely Bedfellows for Avoiding Sales Fatigue

Analytics Consumer insights Marketing

Predictive Modeling: Back to the Basics

Analytics Predictive modeling

Quaero Analytics: Supercharging Predictions Part II


Quaero Analytics: Supercharging Predictions


Response Attribution: Benefits, Challenges, and Implementation

Analytics Response attribution

Why Intelligent Cross Channel Response Attribution is the Way to Go

By Roman

Analytics Response attribution

There's Gold in Them Mountains, No Seriously, and You'll Find it Using Text Mining!

By Roman


Taking Online Analytics to the Next Level, Part 2: Building Your Online Ecosystem

By Roman

Analytics Marketing

Taking Online Analytics to the Next Level, Part1: Google Analytics Incorporates Remarketing

By Roman

Marketing Analytics