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October 08, 2015

Dear Marketers, It's Time for a Data Science BFF

By Niala

Marketing Analytics Data scientist

October 06, 2015

When Ad Bots Attack: How Ad Fraud Affects Your Business

By Nimish

Ad bots Ad fraud Digital advertising

October 01, 2015

10 Ways to Boost Digital Revenue

By Niala

Digital Revenue Cmo

September 29, 2015

How Fantasy Sports Drive Real World Revenue

By Hannah

Registration Cpms Fantasy sports

September 24, 2015

How Advanced Audience Segmentation Can Pay the Bills

By Courtney

First party data Audience data Segmentation

September 22, 2015

Five Reasons Publishers Should Care about the Internet of Things

By Hannah

Internet of things Iot Publishing

September 17, 2015

Are Publishers Finally Getting Data Science?

By Naras Eechambadi, PhD

Data science Publishing

September 15, 2015

How Beacon Technology is Changing the Marketer to Consumer Relationship

By Hannah

Marketing Beacon technology

September 09, 2015

Ad Operations vs Ad Sales: How are they different?

By Hannah

Ad sales Ad ops Advertising

September 02, 2015

What the Streaming Revolution Means for Digital Advertising

By Hannah

Digital Digital advertising Publishing Advertising Ott

September 01, 2015

5 Questions About Paywalls You've Been Too Scared to Ask

By Niala

Customer experience Customer engagement Paywalls

August 25, 2015

Make Your Engagement Take Flight with Twitter

By Hannah


August 24, 2015

5 in 5: AdNews Recap

By Hannah


August 20, 2015

Make Programmatic Direct a Win For Your Company

By Niala

Programmatic Data management platform

August 18, 2015

Millennials Want Mobile, and They Want it NOW

By Hannah

Mobile Optimization

August 13, 2015

Why Data Powers CRMs of the Future

By Courtney

Crm Customer engagement

August 11, 2015

Help! My Ad Sales Have Fallen and They Can't Get Up

By Niala

Advertising Optimization

August 06, 2015

I Have an All-Star Team of Data Scientists... Now What?

By Courtney

Data scientist Data science

August 04, 2015

Six Tips for Multi-Screen Optimization

By Hannah

Multichannel Multiscreen Optimization

July 30, 2015

Ad Blocking Means All Milk and No Cookies

By Courtney

Mobile Advertising Publishing

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