Enterprise organizations need a Customer Data Platform (CDP):

To bring all customer information within your enterprise to a single system

To give you a clear, 360-degree view of your customers using informed segmentations and predictive models

To drive exceptional customer engagement with a flexible, data-driven approach

To empower your marketing technology to yield the best possible results

To generate additional revenue by enabling you to create new products with your data

To help you prioritize and effectively allocate expensive data science resources

Who benefits by using an enterprise CDP?


Marketers have a single platform that allows them to segment, manage and operationalize data flowing to their marketing channels.

Data Scientists and Engineers

Data experts have a single intuitive interface to deploy their models and organize the data they want through internal and external channels.


Analysts get centralized access to all customer and marketing data with flexibility to create reports and dashboards as detailed or as high level as they need.

What is a CDP, and why should I use it?

The global marketing technology ecosystem is saturated with over 7,500 distinct solutions. The vast majority of these address no more than a few of the challenges faced by today’s marketers.

Customer data platforms present a compelling alternative for marketers and data experts frustrated with the limitations inherent to their existing technology stacks in handling their customer data. In its simplest terms, CDP is a user-friendly, web-based interface that enables data collection, customer profile unification, segmentation and activation. CDP enables businesses to drive results and improve their revenues.

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