Product Overview

Our platform puts customers and marketers at the center. All customer data points blend into a single, coherent person centric data model regardless of type, volume, velocity or source. Databases, automation systems and applications connect and disconnect according to marketer need- driving agility and preventing vendor lock-in.

Data Management

Metadata driven code generator for building, maintaining and extending your customer data platform- with data of any kind, source and frequency.


In-line analytics get your models into production and driving results with just a few clicks. Automated machine learning puts the power of data science in the hands of marketers.


Your CDP is the central nervous system for your martech stack- coordinating action across all of your execution channels. Outcomes of marketing executions feed back into the platform as inputs- closing the loop and optimizing future actions.


On-premise, cloud or managed services deployment model. Full scale implementation ranging from weeks to a few months. Professional services - as much or as little as you need.

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