All companies, regardless of whether they are publishers who are monetizing through advertising or marketers trying to convert their visitors into buyers, either online or offline, could benefit from more advanced strategies for audience engagement. Audiences have ever-increasing choices of where, when, and how to consume content, including advertising. It can be through a company’s website, app, or on a social platform via laptop, mobile device, tablet or gaming console. Content owners and publishers have to engage their audiences when and where the consumer chooses, and provide an environment that entices long-term engagement and loyalty.

The more engagement activity that a company can generate, such as time spent on site, commenting, sharing and/or posting and, of course, converting to the desired action, which could be a click, a response or a purchase, the greater the value; however, comprehensive engagement requires not only relevant content that is interesting and gets shared, it also needs measurement of how and where it is being consumed and by whom. Active tracking of those metrics improves the content owner’s ability to take action when appropriate to provide appropriate audiences with the right content to increase desired behaviors. As such, a comprehensive audience engagement strategy requires a comprehensive audience measurement and analytics strategy in order to influence effective monetization efforts and maximize the revenue being generated.

Most companies have only a fractured, aggregate view of their audiences and limited ability to tie these to actual buying behavior. These fractured views typically take the form of high level traffic reports, often broken down by major demographic segments.

Questions your data should help you answer:

  • How many unique visitors do I have?
  • Is my audience engaging with me on multiple properties and differently based on the device or content type?
  • What behavior makes them more valuable?
  • How should I measure the value of an individual?
  • Are audience segments who are interested in a broad array of content more valuable than those with a singular passion?
  • How effective are my various sources of traffic relative to my defined key measures?
  • How do my most valuable customers navigate my content?
  • How much more likely would they be to return and consume more content if I was to customize their experience?

Answering these questions at an individual customer level, or at a behavioral segment level, helps ensure you’re not leaving money on the table.

Quaero’s AdVantage Audience Intelligence Platform makes it easier to answer these questions by helping you understand your audience at an individual level. Integrated and focused metrics help bring audience behavior alive at a granular level and make it easier to convert this intelligence into more effective audience acquisition, engagement and monetization strategy.

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