Today, customers have access to a lot of options, offers, and information. When you receive 5 different emails for a similar product or service, it’s easy to tune out the less appealing ones. So how do you make sure your email is the attention-grabbing one? It needs to be personalized and most importantly engaging.

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Before jumping into all the ways you can make your email appealing and eye-catching, you need to make sure you’re following the industry standards. A few of the more important no-brainers are:

  • Use current and up-to-date email lists
  • Have clear opt-out options
  • Make sure your spam score is low
  • Be aware of sending limits

These few simple things can go a long way towards making sure your email actually reaches the inbox.

Opt-in and Segmentation

It all starts with first getting the email of a potential customer. One of the best ways to capture email directly from the customer is by not directly asking them, but offering a study, white paper, Webinar, or another resource in exchange for their email subscription. And when someone does decide to opt-in, offer options. There might be a question about whether or not more options are better, but the more information you collect about someone, the more personalized your offer can be.

This is where segmentation comes in. Blast emails targeting anyone and everyone will work, but smaller, more targeted emails will be a lot more relevant and will yield better results.


Since there are a lot of different email clients, it’s understandable that emails will be displayed differently in each one. But wait, a lot of people open their emails on their phones. So you also have to take into consideration how your messages will be displayed on mobile.

Although it’s very unlikely that you can test and adjust how your email is displayed everywhere, make sure to cover the major email clients and that your email scales well and adjusts to different screen sizes.

Don’t forget about subject lines and images and how they relate to display. This is a tip that is repeated over and over again, but keep your subject line simple and make sure your text is not embedded in an image because images sometimes are still blocked.

Words Not to Use

You should be aware of common words and phrases not to use, such as all capital letters, excessive exclamation points, and punctuation and numbers in the subject line. But you might be a little more surprised to know that spam filters also catch typos and inflated language. Stay away from rambling, exaggerating, and unclear offers.

Your customers deserve offers that are explained quickly and clearly. And remember, a select few well-placed power words can go a long way as well.


Different things will work for different companies. Make sure to measure how effective your best campaigns are. While open and click-through rates are important, usually it all comes down to revenue. What are you doing right with your best campaigns?

Marketing is going to continue to evolve. There has been a lot of buzz about social taking over email, but email is still going strong—for now. There is no telling how things will change in the future, but your best bet is to send the best emails you can. You can’t go wrong with putting together well thought-out offers that are valuable and relevant to your customers.

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