Our customers trust us to keep their data secure:

Deployed in your Infrastructure

We install our platform where your data is located (on premise, in your data center, in your cloud environment) or within our own secure cloud environment. The Quaero Enterprise CDP complements your current cloud infrastructure investments, whether public, private or hybrid. We deploy our platform where your sensitive data resides; so you have total control and it stays where it belongs.

GDPR / CCPA Compliant Solution

We provide you with total transparency giving you complete access and control over your data. Quaero is GDPR and CCPA compliant and provides detailed and transparent features that include:

  • Easy access to individual data
  • Proven process to update data
  • Soft and hard deletion process
  • Detailed data tracking frameworks

 Integrated to your Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

We readily integrate to various enterprise role-based action control (RBAC) protocols and methodologies. The Quaero Enterprise CDP interface uses a simple email address and password, or it can be easily integrated with LDAP or external identity providers such as Auth0 over SAML. It is protected against XSRF, MITM, DDoS and XSS attacks.

Audits and Certifications

Quaero is SOC 2 certified, and our technology is assessed by third party security auditors. Quaero is SOC 2 certified. We are deployed within your data governance boundaries. We also partner with third party auditors to scan application vulnerability and update our security and data policies on a regular cadence.

Traceability and Transparency

Through the Quaero Enterprise CDP we record everything that has to do with your data and alert you with precise, timely, information. Quaero provides full visibility and traceability at every step of data processing: where it is, where it comes from, what is happening to it. All processes and actions are logged and connected to an alerting system.