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Introducing the Identity CDP

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The Identity CDP (ICDP) solution, in partnership with Neustar and Quaero is a game changer.   It solves the hardest data problem faced by marketers who want to personalize the customer experience at scale; the challenge of having a single, accurate view of customers across devices and channels, across offline and online.

True identity resolution embedded in Quaero CDP’s customer profile unification platform allows enterprise brands to maximize their first-party data and personalization efforts, through higher % rates of profile validation, enrichment and contactability.



  1. True identity resolution: matching on internally available first party customer data only goes so far. True identity resolution, leveraging rich authoritative offline datasets provided by Neustar to Quaero CDP helps validate and enrich customer data resulting in higher revenue from personalization and greater efficiency in marketing spend.
  2. In the customer environment: the ability to be deployed within the customer data environment as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides real gain in flexibility, data security, privacy and control.
  3. Solves for customer data: Most CDPs require clean data to work, putting heavy integration cost and resource burden on the customer. Quaero CDP provides advanced data management,  with a friendly user interface,  to leverage data of any type, with any level of quality and wherever the data resides.
  4. Makes models actionable: Quaero CDP leverages predictive and prescriptive models developed by data scientists and provides additional out of the box configurable models that are loaded in marketing campaigns across multiple channels from a single platform.

“Identity resolution lies at the heart of customer-centric marketing and makes or breaks a CDP’s legitimacy and effectiveness…”

Forrester, 2018

Common Use-Cases


Solve for Householding = more precise targeting and waste reduction
Validate your data through our ICDP to both uncouple bad grouping, and group the right profiles together to create more actionable and meaningful segments

First-Party user profile enrichment
ICDP provides the ability to append your existing data with a large set of personal and contactable attributes, permitting finer segmentations that are more precise and accurate

Data hygiene (Cleaning up your bad data)
Your first-party data is only as good as what you collect. ICDP can identify and clean up wrong and/or sloppy field entries to increase both enriched attributes as well as contactability 

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