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Quaero + Snowflake: Bringing Enterprise CDP to the Data Warehouse

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We are thrilled to announce a new phase in the Quaero Snowflake partnership, with the Quaero CDP now available in the Snowflake Data Marketplace!

Snowflake customers can now access Quaero’s CDP platform directly from their Snowflake account to unify customer signals across CRM, sales, offline data, online behavior, and devices. The Quaero CDP transforms this data unification to create a 360-degree view of the customer, and enrich customer profiles with demographics, product and content affinities.

Snowflake has been an integral component of Quaero’s technology core for several years,   supporting a stable and incredibly fast data processing environment, serving multiple, large-scale enterprise organizations.

Quaero + Snowflake End-to-End
Quaero + Snowflake End-to-End

Customer Benefits

Bring the Technology to where the Data Resides
Working together, Snowflake and Quaero are both deployable on the public clouds (or the virtual private clouds within them) where our clients’ data is stored: AWS, Azure, and GCP.  This flexible, Platform-as-a-Service (Paas), deployment model helps enterprises make use of best-in-class  technology, within a controlled, compliant and secure environment. 

Simplified Data Integration
Quaero’s native connection to marketing cloud, offline databases, secure FTP, Cloudera Hadoop, cloud storage end points, and API allows users to configure 100s+  data sources. The datasets are catalogued and configured in the CDP web application by users without requiring to have deep technical knowledge of the system. Data is loaded into Snowflake and transformed into consumable data models to support analytics use cases. The data loading and  transformations are executed by SNOWSQL, Python and JDBC.

Productionalize Analytics Models
Data science workbench is configured in Zeppelin with Snowflake Interpreter and Spark Connector and it runs on a small Spark cluster. Users query persistent CDP data from Snowflake, develop ML models, and then take final scripts/code to configure in the CDP ML workflows. The ML workflows are downstream processes that are  triggered on successful completion of the upstream data workflows within the system. 

It enables the organizations to have governance of users, access, permission, data, business rules, ML flows and logs in one system. 

Data Activation Capabilities
Quaero extended its activation channels to include Snowflake’s data sharing where users can query persistent data tables directly in Snowflake rather than exporting and duplicating the data. The capability empowers users to access CDP data in addition to activating attributes and segments to Google, Facebook, marketing clouds, Adobe, DMPs, emails, SMS application, and other endpoints.

CDP User Personas Mapping with Snowflake Warehouse:
Quaero CDP is built for data engineers, data scientists, and marketers. The workflows and processes created by each persona are configured with a separate Snowflake data warehouse for massive parallel processing and scalability. The data models and database objects are stored in separate databases and configured with roles based access controls (RBAC).

Powering Analytics and Activation Use-Cases

A sampling of how a data scientist and/or marketer can benefit:

  1. Measure consumer RFM (recency, frequency and value) in order to retain high-value consumers, and identify marketing opportunities to move medium value consumers to high value through personalized communication and content
  2. Create marketing segments enriched with additional sources (demographic, attitudinal, affinity, etc), for increased onboarding match rates into paid media channels
  3. Match anonymous visitors to known profile based on strong identity resolution algorithm
  4. Enable marketing and communication touches across channels, based on user-based event and/or attribute update in near real-time
  5. Govern your customer data with advanced, visual lineage-based ETL functions across your data pipeline
  6. Design and implement your own data models with the same interface where marketers can also activate  those models
  7. Build models for multi-touch attribution, leveraging the convenience of omni-channel contact, response and transaction data within the CDP


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