20 years of innovation at the intersection of data, analytics, technology
and marketing

It is our passion to help our customers solve their biggest data challenges while saving cost, time and effort. Since 1999 Quaero has built a legacy of trust through customer service excellence using our marketing data and analytics expertise.

Founded as a solution provider to build, support and host marketing databases, Quaero has evolved into a world-class platform-as-a-service company, launching the Quaero Enterprise CDP in 2015. Over our history we have continued to support the success of some of the most innovative and dynamic brands in the world.

With the Quaero Enterprise CDP we meet our customers where they are to give them a complete, granular view of their customers.Quaero Enterprise CDP deploys in a customer’s’ own data environment – their own sandbox – so the platform gives them full control over their data.

Like working with kinetic sand, marketers, analysts and data experts can shape, test and model what they want with their data. They can create new products and new revenue streams and execute on their biggest, most aspirational ideas.

Four industry trends that define Martech landscape

For 20 years Quaero has stood at the intersection of data, analytics, technology and marketing as an innovator and thought leader.
We know the industry and can help you assess the trends to plan for your best future.

Always Connected

Big Data & Digital Transformation

Disruptive Competitive

Navigating Marketing Technology

Our History

March 1999

Quaero formation

March 2003

Build and support hosted marketing databases

March 2008

Roll into CSG International to support product- based approach

March 2014

Management buyout

March 2015

Quaero CDP launched

March 2018

Expanding Quaero Footprint in APAC

March 2019

New logo wins – Under Armour & Zee5

Announcing the Identity CDP in partnership with Neustar

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