Tough Times in Martech: One Look Back and Eight Steps Forward

The current circumstances pose a challenge to all of us in our personal as well as professional lives. In times like this it helps to have some perspective drawn from similar instances in the past, even if they were not quite of the same magnitude.

Quaero to provide big data capabilities and mine customer insights for India's largest growing ConTech brand.

The partnership will enable ZEE5 to build unified customer view, automate data operations on cloud and a create a two-way connector to all current and future ZEE5 partners.

Role of data orchestration in delivering personalized customer experiences.

The complex and fragmented marketing technology landscape makes it difficult for marketers to access data from other teams and coordinate with them. Hence data orchestration across these tools and channels is central and critical to delivering better personalized customer experience.

Quaero Customer Data Platform

Single vs Multiple Customer Data Platforms

Apoorv Durga, Analyst, RealStoryGroup shares his views on why some enterprises work with multiple Customer Data Platforms. Read to know more about how a ConTech company is leveraging Quaero CDP for this.

Helping enterprises harness complex customer data

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