How does Quaero Enterprise CDP work?

From aggregating data from multiple sources; to unifying that data into coherent customer profiles, to segmenting actionable data sets to power your campaigns, Quaero Enterprise CDP converts complexity into clear, simple action.

Key features: Quaero Enterprise CDP

Deploys within your existing customer data architecture.

Activates campaigns using marketing technologies of your choice.

Provides low-to-no-code interface to add new data sources, destinations, and easy plug-in to your favorite analytics and data science tools.

Enables a unique, single profile of every customer.

Provides seamless reporting either through your existing BI or through Quaero’s built-in dashboards.

Provides central segmentation and artificial intelligence (AI) modeling capabilities.

Empowers your data savvy workers to self-service and avoid dependency on IT teams.

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Why Quaero?

Because of our proven combination of world-class technology and customer service, for start.
More specifically Quaero Enterprise CDP gives you;

Build versus buy capability

Agile, risk-free and significantly faster and cheaper than building a CDP platform in house.

Easy data access

Highly configurable within your existing data environment and provides absolute control over your data.

Flexible engagement models

Quaero can both manage and support self-managed services tailored to your business requirements.

Customer-centric consultative approach

We’ve built our business by enabling our clients to find the right technology solutions to solve their toughest data challenges (even if that means recommending another CDP solution).

Technology investment focus

The marketing technology landscape is ever-evolving. We stay on top of ongoing changes and requirements to save you time, expense and worry with regular updates to our CDP.

Strong data legacy

20+ years of building custom enterprise data solutions with a strong focus on helping businesses scale up while adhering to data governance.